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Crystal Clear water softener is a device that softens water by eliminating the minerals that make it hard. Water softening is a crucial procedure since it lowers the hardness of the water in homes and businesses. Hard water can block pipes and make soap dissolve less readily. These detrimental impacts can be avoided by water softening.

In commercial and residential water systems, lime scale deposits are more likely to occur when the water is hard. The efficiency of hot boilers and tanks is decreased as a result of this lime scale build-up in pipes. Due to this, the cost of heating water goes up by 15% to 20%.The harmful effects of lime scale are yet another unfavorable impact.

Extending the lifespan of businesses, household appliances, and pipes is accomplished through water softening. Additionally, it helps your systems function better and last longer as well as many other water-based applications.

Ion exchangers that are specifically designed to remove positively charged ions are called water softeners.

Softeners primarily eliminate the ions of calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+). 'Hardness minerals', such as calcium and magnesium, are frequently mentioned.

Sometimes we even use our softeners to remove iron. The amount of dissolved iron that the softening devices can get rid of is up to five milligrammes per litre (5 mg/L). Softeners can be operated manually, automatically, or semi-automatically. The amount of hardness that each type can remove before requiring regeneration determines how effective it is.

In its conditioning tank, a water softener stores hardness minerals before occasionally flushing them down the drain.

Ion exchangers are frequently used for softening water. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water will be replaced by other ions, like sodium or potassium, when an ion exchanger is used to soften the water. NaCl and KCl salts are used to add the exchanger ions to the ion exchanger reservoir.

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